Miss Jones Gets Hooked

The Adventures of Miss Jones

The dizzy librarian with the wonderful legs

Follow the fun adventures of our dizzy librarian.
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Welcome to The Adventures of Miss Jones, the dizzy librarian with wonderful legs! Needless to say, whatever she is doing, Miss Jones always manages to get her skirt hitched up high -- and those buttons always have a habit of coming nicely undone!

The Adventures of Miss Jones

Miss J is delighted to offer you a choice as to how best you can enjoy her sexy pin-up humour. Through her Picture Stories, you can follow her fun Adventures on-line with twice-weekly updates. From her On-Line Shop, web-site members and non-members alike can purchase photosets and videos for instant download, or you can visit Miss J in person.

But whichever you choose, it will reflect the good taste and ethics of the BBC in the 1950s, with Benny Hill and Carry On type humour - saucy but never offensive.

Throughout this site, you will find no sex, no violence, no bad language and, with the exception of the MJ Group Potpourri photosets (see the links on the left), no nudity. A small selection of the images within that MJ Group Potpourri may be regarded as mildly sexually provocative, or exhibiting tasteful and/or artistic nudity. In conformance with the law therefore, access to the MJ Group Potpourri requires age verification.

Picture Stories

Miss Jones Picture-Story Adventures are saucy, extremely funny, always in good taste, and consisting of pin-up humour with no nudity. To find out what your membership to The Adventures of Miss Jones will buy you, please visit the Preview and Picture Stories pages using the links on the left.

On-Line Shop

Videos, Photosets and 'Esets' are more revealing than the on-line Picture Stories but are no less tasteful. They can be purchased from her On-Line Shop subject to age verification, by both members and non-members. Alternatively you may like to commission a photoset or video to your personal taste.

You will find plenty here to keep you happily entertained for many hours!