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Fishnet Stockings

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Fishnet stockings or fish net stockings

Fish net stockings

Fishnet stockings and suspenders

Passion for stockings

Fishnet stockings

What style of stocking is my favourite? There is no simple answer. It depends on many factors such as what mood I'm in, where I'm going, what else I'm wearing, how short my skirt is, how provocative I'm feeling, and what you'd like me to wear if you're visiting me

Shiny stockings in copper can be pretty sexy but I suppose if you really pushed me I'd have to say that fully fashioned stockings are my favourite. Black fully fashioned seamed stockings always make me feel great.

Lace top stockings, especially with matching lacy panties are great for shopping and clambering in and out of the car, when I can usually succeed in flashing all the bare area from stocking tops to knickers.

Fishnet stockings worn with a really short skirt are great when I am feeling mischievous. It's funny how something so full of holes can make a girl feel so 'unholy'! Fishnet stockings first appeared around 1900 and have been in and out of fashion ever since. Jane Russell popularised fish net stockings in the 1950s when she used to wear them in public. Perhaps I can do the same for fishnet stockings this century!

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