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Fully Fashioned Stockings

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Fully fashioned seamed stockings

Cuban heel stockings

RHT stockings

Continuing our history of nylon stockings, these fully fashioned stockings were knitted flat and then the two sides were united with a seam up the back.

RHT stockings and particularly Cuban heel stockings were the most popular type in the 1940s. At this time, wartime rationing meant that stockings were very hard to come by in Britain. In fact the WRNS (Women's Royal Naval Service) issued stockings as a cunning recruitment ploy!

Classic RHT stockings (reiforced heel and toe) are generally made from 100% non-stretch nylon. Along with fully fashioned stockings, are the most reminiscent of the golden era of the 1950s.

In the late 1950s it was discovered that nylon could be stretched by heat crimping, and in 1959 Lycra was invented which could stretch up to seven times its own length without breaking and recover its original shape. Thus the comfort, fit and strength of nylon stockings was vastly improved

Film stars and pin-up models such as Bettie Page played a huge part in popularising stockings and the female audience wanted to emulate their idols. But with the advent of the mini skirt in the 1960s came the invention of tights and the idea of knitting hosiery as a tube. Fully fashioned stockings and seamed stockings virtually disappeared and modern hosiery was born.

RHT stockings

Sheer stockings

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