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Tights And Stockings

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Tights and stockings or stockings and tights

Seamed stockings

Stockings and suspenders

Sheer stockings

People ask me when I first started to wear stockings. The answer is that in the choice between stockings and tights (or pantyhose), I've worn stockings and suspenders (or garter belts) ever since I was tall enough!

To me, the tights and stockings debate is a non-issue. Stockings are by far the best way to showcase my toned, shapely, sexy legs and are so much sexier, especially when you get a glimpse (or more than a glimpse) of stocking top, or better still the bare expanse of thigh between my stockings and my sexy knickers - if I've remembered to put them on! To me looking good starts with feeling good, and feeling good starts with my sheer stockings. It's amazing how confident I feel in a pair of seamed stockings. Men just love to see my shapely nylon-clad legs. If I am wearing an ultra-short skirt or dress, I accept that both tights and stockings have their relative advantages. But with something extemely short, I'm more likely to wear holdups although they are not a patch on stockings for eroticism.

Shiny stockings

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