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Nylon Stockings

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The History of Nylon Stockings

Fully fashioned stockings

Cuban heel stockings

Do you know the history of nylon stockings? It's quite fascinating! Stockings used to be made of wool, silk or cotton and were referred to as hose from which the word hosiery is derived. By the 20th Century it became socially acceptable for women to show their legs and this coupled with the invention of nylon lead to a revolution in the hosiery market.

Nylon was first shown to the public at New York's World Trade Fair in 1939. (The first two letters in the word nylon come from the initials of New York.) When nylon stockings hit the stores in New York 72,000 pairs were sold on the first day! These were known as fully fashioned stockings' because having no stretch, they were fashioned to the shape of the leg and therefore came in a vast array of sizes

Seamed stockings

Stockings and suspenders

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