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Stockings And Suspenders

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Miss Jones, Stockings and Suspenders

Stockings and suspenders

Girdle and stockings

Stockings and suspenders

Do I ever flash my stockings and suspenders deliberately? Yes, of course I do! What's the point of wearing them otherwise, especially if I'm wearing nice lace top stockings, seamed stockings or shiny stockings? One of the best places to flash my stockings and suspenders is at work in the library. If you want to see for yourself, spend a day with Miss Jones, and you'll see a lot more than stocking tops!

As regards support for my stockings, I find that metal suspender clips are far more reliable than the plastic ones, which sometimes deform and let my stockings slip, creating one of my now famous clothing mishaps!

There is something mysterious and sexy about that seam following the contours of a woman's leg and then disappearing up her skirt. Keeping that seam straight is not a problem if you wear the correct lingerie. A suspender belt (or garter belt) with six straps is great for keeping stockings in place and therefore keeping seams perfectly straight. Better still, I have found, is a open bottomed girdle with six suspender (garter) straps. These straps tend to be shorter than on a suspender (garter) belt and therefore there is less chance of my seams wandering!

Sheer stockings

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